About Sket
Hey guys, welcome to Sketch! I'm Nate Giarrizzo, the founder of Sketch, and author of Sketchbook, Blink, and Current!
Sketch started off as a blog I created in middle school so that I could post my bad to mediocre art. When I got better at drawing, and just being a person in general, I upgraded to a website called EPICS that acted as a more professional platform (despite it looking like a child made it) for me to put my creations. I eventually learned how to do proper web design, and ended up with a decent looking site.
After a few years though, I decided I needed a change, and created the next reincarnation: Sketch. I hope you enjoy your stay!


We have a merchandise shop set up on RedbubbleSo even though our team (mostly me) makes all of our products, we cannot possibly take into account how Redbubble works.
If you encounter any of these problems with any purchases, just try to remember that it isn't our fault:
  • Failed delivery
  • Damaged goods
  • Late arrival
  • Wrong package
If you have any other problems, we would be more than happy to help resolve them.


Creator recognition and credit is something that I personally take very seriously. Sketch is a place where artists, writers and other creatives can safely post their projects and be sure that they'll get recognized for their hard work, and/or compensated for any commercial use of their creations.
Plagiarism is also a very important issue I find extremely important. If any member of our team makes a work using inspiration from another creator, they must credit the original source, and can not take credit for the initial concept. But they can take credit for their own work as long as it's paired with credit towards their inspiration's creator.