The Escape

The next few minutes are a blur. Whenever this happens, it weakens me, but when it happens this bad, I'm lucky to have not passed out. I'm hazed, and confused on where I am for a minute. I look over to my left, and I see his body. Her kneeling down next to him. I can't tell what her face is doing, whether it's crying or relieved, or what, but I could see the look in her eyes. Something I will never forget. Her eyes filled with fear, panic, terror. Because of me.


My head is throbbing, and there is a shrill ringing in my ears, but I try to remember what happened. A girl, a man, a knife, a brother, save, attack, dead. I lift my hands to my head, holding it, waiting for it to stop splitting. The ringing started to subside, but I still couldn't hear anything. There was dead silence. I sit up through the pain in my head, which only seemed to get worse as I got up. I put my hand to my neck to feel a small incision from the knife in my flesh. I pull my hand away, and see my fingertips painted with red. It's not much blood, but enough to be concerning. I'll need a lot of gauze, tape and bandages tonight. Don't think it'll need stitches, but it will probably give me another scar. Perfect.


I push through the pain, and stand up, supporting myself on my arms. As soon as I get upright, my head goes swimming, and I feel lightheaded. My knees buckle, I start to fall to my right, only to be saved by the lamp post on the shoulder of the road. I steady myself using the cool metal of the post, and I let my head clear before trying to move again. I just make out an elderly woman looking out the window, then retreating hurriedly back behind the curtains. Great. Patrols.


Normally, I would leave anyone else behind and get the hell out of there myself, but Kayley knows something, and the patrols will want to know it too. They'll get it out of her one way or another, and I can't have more information about me out there, especially not with the patrols, and I definitely can't let Kayley be subject to their interrogations. Having been in one of them, there are a seldom few people that I would wish that upon.


My brain is finally starting to stop feeling like it wants to jump out of my skull. I tentatively take my hand off of the post, and I seem to be able stand without falling directly on my face. I walk over to her kneeling next to his body.


"Kayley," I say, my throat hurting as I do. "We have to go."


"You... You killed him..."


"Kayley, listen to me, it was an accident, but we have to go before the patrols get here."


"What... What are you?" she says looking up at me. Terrified.


"I don't have the time to explain right now, but I promise you that I will. Your neighbor is calling the patrols, and they will be here any minute. We have to get out of here Kayley."


She turns away and hides on the ground in fetal position as I reach out my hand to her.


"Stay... Stay a-away..."


"Kayley, please, we have to go."


I reach down and put my hand on her shoulder and I can feel her trembling for only a second before she scooches further away.


"Stay away!"


Sirens start to wail in the background, and they get louder as the patrols get closer and closer. If they get here, I won't have a choice but to run, and they'll get Kayley. Especially after all that has happened to her tonight, I will not allow her to go through the hell that is the patrol's questioning at headquarters. They're horrifying in a way beyond words. I think torture would be lightly putting it.


"Kayley, I did kill him, but it was not my intention. And if we do not leave now, you will be used and abused worse that you can imagine by the patrols and CHI."


She turned over just enough to look at me. Then she looked past me towards the red and blue lights that were now visible from around the corner. I can see them in the reflections of the windows around us, and I could see my shadow flashing over Kayley between bursts of red and blue. She is crying again, but this time, it's out of pure fear. Of me. Or maybe of the patrols. I wish I could say I knew who she's more afraid of.


"Listen to me. If you do not come with me, you will go with the patrols. They will do more than torture you for information of what happened. And then you will go to CHI. You know what that means. You just saw what that means"


"That's... That's what happened to you there? They turned you into a freak?"


"Yes, Kayley, so please, come with me. I don't want the same for you.”


“My brother might have been a monster, but you… you're the devil.”


I've been called some things before but ouch, that hurts. I didn't want to be like this. I didn't want to be made into the human electric chair.


I open my mouth to speak but she cuts me off before I can make a sound, “Now get away from me.”


The patrol car pulls around the corner and I hear them shout at me to put my hands up and get on the ground through their sirens. Time seems to slow down as I stare back at Kayley who is now glaring at me through tears. I watch as a drop rolls down her cheek slowly. It reaches her chin then drops off. I can see it glisten as it falls through the air towards the ground only centimeters away. I've made up my mind by the time that single tear hits the pavement.


I quickly grab her arm and lift her up, and slinging her over my shoulder. She screams at me as I do, yelling at me to stop, and pounding my back with her fists. I start to run down the same alley I found her in as the patrol car barrels right over where we just were. If I had been even slightly slower we would have both been roadkill. I can tell by my shadow, that the patrol car is now not only facing us, but is getting closer. The jackass patrols aren't even bothering to try to bring us in anymore, but are instead just going to run us down to avoid their paperwork. Got to love Nova City's law enforcement.


Kayley finally stops pounding on my back, and screams at me instead.


"Oh my god, they're gonna kill us! Faster, jackass, faster!"


There's a chain link fence about halfway down the alley, but there's not enough time to climb over it before being pummeled, so I pick the next best option. I let go of Kayley, who is now desperately clinging to the back of my shirt for dear life, and reach both my hands up above my head. I jump up right before the fence, and grab onto a ladder coming down from a fire escape. I then lift my legs up as if I were sitting in mid air, and the patrol car passes right under me just as my feet get out of the way. Too close.


The car comes to a quick stop after barreling through the fence with a loud crash. Then the door's open and the patrolmen step out of their vehicle. They're both wearing traditional patrol uniforms, dark blue tunics covered almost entirely by black plates of metal and bulletproofing, and black pants with even more armoring and knee pads used for both defensive and offensive purposes. Their heads are outfitted with helmets that are mostly metal with the exception of  plastic goggle lenses so that they can see. I can see the grins on their faces as they unsheathe their guns from their holsters. It will be too easy for them to shoot us, even if I start to climb. We're sitting ducks, and I only have one stupid idea on how to get us both out alive.


"When I jump, grab onto the ladder, and hold on," I whisper to Kayley.


"What? No..."


But there isn't anymore time. The patrols are right under us, aiming their guns straight up. I pull myself up and then release, giving myself a little boost before falling down. In mid air, I spin around so that my back is to the ladder, and so that Kayley can grab onto it. She screams as we go airborne, but she manages to grab onto the ladder with her hands just as we start to descend. This allows me to drop down directly onto the patrolmen in front and leaves Kayley dangling from the rusty rung.


My feet go right into his shoulders, probably breaking both his collarbones as he goes down to his knees. Before he falls over onto his stomach, I push off his shoulders and land between him and his partner just as his face hits the ground. The other patrolmen is just looking at me in awe, and dumbstruck, which gives me just enough time to get in close. He raises his gun just too late, and I grab the barrel of it and aim it off to my left when it fires, so that it leaves a hole in the alley wall, and not in me. I then twist around so that my back is facing him and his arm is extended over my shoulder. I then lower my weight and twist, throwing him over my hip, and into his partner who was just starting to get back up. I manage to keep hold of his gun as I flip him, so when he tries to climb up off of his partner, I aim the gun right at his left eye.


"Don't move if you want to live."


He stops dead, looking fearfully down the barrel of his own gun.


"You know, you guys are pretty armored up, and almost completely bulletproof. Except for the goggle lenses, and..."


I quickly aim his gun right at where two plates meet on the back of his shoulder. These joints are generally really hard to hit while in combat or moving, but when you're on the ground with your back up, it's not too difficult. I pull the trigger, releasing a bullet right into the patrolman's shoulder. He screams in pain as the bullet penetrates his armor, and hits his left shoulder blade.


"Won't kill you, just don't want you to follow us."


I then run and jump off his back, which causes more screaming, and grab onto the ladder rung. Kayley has already climbed up, and hopefully didn't run away. I climb my way up onto the platform, and then start up the stairs. By the time I reach the top of the building, there are already more sirens wailing below me and flashing red and blue lights. Kayley is sitting on the roof holding her knees to her chest waiting for me.


"Did you kill them?"


"No. I don't do that."


"Thank you."


"For not killing them?"


"For saving me. Twice. Thank you."


She is just staring at me over her knees. And for what seemed like forever I just stare back into her eyes, trying to read them. I no longer see fear in them, or hate. All I see is comprehensive and deep thought. I no longer see pure terror of the monster that I am, or anger for what I've done. After what seems like an eternity, the sound of clanking on the fire escape snaps us out of our staring contest.


"We need to go."




She lets go of her knees, and plants her hands on the roof, and pushes herself up to her feet, but she never takes her eyes off of me.


"I will go with you. Not because I trust you. Not because I like you, but because I have no other choice."


"Fair enough."


"And you will. Not. Touch. Me. Again. Because if you do, I will personally throw you off a building. Understood?"




She then turns on the spot and starts to run away from the fire escape, and jumps over to the next building. I run after her, and after a few buildings, we find some clothes drying on a line between air vents. We each grab a coat to wear before I kick in the roof access door. We use the stairs, putting on our borrowed clothes, and hiding our faces with the shadows of our hoods.