• Nate Giarrizzo


I've been working on my comic Sketchbook for a while now, about a year or so. But I've decided that I also want to work on a more serious comic called Blink. I can't say when it will be ready for release, but I can talk about my general ideas for this work. Here's a quick concept statement for it:

World War V caused the planet to be covered in radiation, mutating and killing just over half the population. The survivors rebuilt their home planet by surrounding it with a metal exo-shell. Hundreds of years later in the 31st century, New Portland experiences a massive breach in the shell, leaking energy, creating meta-humans, and monsters known as nuclites. Nova Cartyne is one of them, given the ability to mass produce bio-energy. People generally see Nuclites as unholy abominations, but can Nova change their minds from behind a mask?

I am particularly excited about this project, and whipped up some promo art for it. I hope you guys are just as excited as I am, and keep an eye out for more updates to come.