Nate Giarrizzo

Founder and Owner

Nate Giarrizzo.png
Hi! I'm the founder and owner of Sketch, as well as the author of web-comics Sketchbook and Blink, as well as web-novel Current. I created Sketch so that my team and I could have a place to post our creations and hard work.
I'm mostly an artist for comics and  animations, but I also work as a writer and programmer. And no, despite what you may think, I am in fact not thirteen years old.


Anna Lawrence

I work as a writer here, and I also serve as an editor for other authors on our team.



Griffin Sullivan

I work as a chief editor, and make sure that everything is up to date and working properly.



Matt Monteith

I'm an artist here, and I work on graphics as well as make sure that other's art is the best that it can be.



Alex Ragau

I work as a head adviser, and I help make important decisions relating to design and finances.